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Welcome to : Home for Surface Science Researchers is a member site of Business Integration Software Ltd., (BIS), a company based in United Kingdom specializing in analysis tools for the surface science industry.

By close collaboration with both scientific instrument makers and surface scientists from top universities within Europe and the UK, our software addresses the real needs of today's experimentalists. Our aim is to develop, produce,and provide innovative,high performance, and reliable state of the art softwares for surface analysis for research, development, and manufacturing.

The power of today's personal computers, allowing features such as real-time collection and movie playback, has revolutionised the way in which experiments are done. Using these softwares it is possible to collect full image data without loss of quality, and recall it time and again for repeated analysis. This greatly reduces the time pressure on clean or process samples within the UHV environment and allows experiments (such as I(V) and (I)t using LEED and Oscillation and streak spacing analysis using RHEED) to be done at a later time.

Using an advanced configurable interface board, signals can be accepted both in analogue and digital form. Count rates up to 20Mc/s can be analysed per counter. Five channels are available for multi-channel analysis. Standard energy control is by a DAC output but other control systems can be considered. Features such as fast samples set up mode and a comprehensive data processing package provide an invaluable aid to the user.

We have a wide range of fully integrated multitasking analysis software for Windows XP and Windows Vista. For a fully comprehensive breakdown of our products, please contact us or see our products page. For more information about our company and how we can help yours, start here.

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